NFTs for Winemakers

A New Era for Data & Transparency
July 21, 2022
1pm PT | 4pm ET | 10pm CET

Tune in for an insightful chat on transparency in blockchain, hosted by an NFT builder Isaac Patka, wine fraud authority Maureen Downey and Club dVIN’s co-founder Behdad Shahsavari.

NFTs can provide a great deal of data for winemakers and the wine industry as a whole. Join us to find out more.

Hosted by
Behdad Shahsavari
Club dVIN Co-Founder, BCG DV led team that built blockchains for diamond authentication and sustainable agriculture

Club dVIN co-founder Behdad Shahsavari is an innate business builder, bringing over 25 years of expertise in wine, venture capital, start-ups and managements. He is a partner in several VC firms including Antler, a global foundry and incubator; a board member and an advisor. With his diverse track record in wine and venture capital, Shahsavari leads Club dVIN's product, tech and business development.

Isaac Patka
NFT builder, Co-creator of Logos and co-host of DAO Or Never podcast

Isaac Patka is the co-creator of Logos, a DAO exchange furthering the adoption of Web3 governance in IRL communities. He is also the co-host of the DAO or Never podcast, a core developer in the Moloch Mystics building Moloch v3, a member of DAOHaus, and a research fellow with DAOstar, building interoperable standards for web3 communities.⁠

Maureen Downey
Global authority on counterfeit wine and wine fraud

Known as 'The Sherlock Holmes of Wines', Maureen Downey is the foremost global authority on counterfeit wine and fine wine fraud and authentication, that has been recognized as one of the Top 50 Most Powerful Women in the World of Wine list by The Drinks Business.  She advises the world’s top collectors in purchasing, selling, and managing their collections with her firm, Chai Consulting. Downey is also the founder of, a membership-based education portal & resource on all things wine fraud & counterfeiting.

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