Our vision to shape the future of wine culture together

Club dVIN is the world’s premier global wine club.

We are a community built around authentic experiences in collectible and investment-grade wines. Our purpose is to gather the diverse range of wine consumers, across interest and experience groups, and provide them with access. Access to each other, winemakers and experts — and the wines that they desire, direct from the source, supplied with fairness, transparency and authenticity. By joining Club dVIN you will become an insider everywhere. You will experience the entire experience of fine wine, fostered by experts and the global wine community, all while supporting the industry.

Who is Club dVIN for?

Built for wine lovers, winemakers, wine professionals, and wine collectors from around the world

Whether you are a seasoned collector or a new enthusiast, Club dVIN offers you a tailored way to access a diverse community, unique experiences and rare finds. Our goal is to create authentic wine experiences reflecting the full diversity of the wine world.

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