Our vision to shape the future of wine culture together

Club dVIN is the world’s premier global NFT wine club.

We are a community built around authentic experiences in collectible and investment-grade wines. Our purpose is to gather the diverse range of wine consumers, across interest and experience groups, and provide them with access. Access to each other, winemakers and experts — and the wines that they desire, direct from the source, supplied with fairness, transparency and authenticity. By joining Club dVIN you will become an insider everywhere. You will experience the entire experience of fine wine, fostered by experts and the global wine community, all while supporting the industry.

Who is Club dVIN for?

Built for wine lovers, winemakers, wine professionals, and wine collectors from around the world

Whether you are a seasoned collector or a new enthusiast, Club dVIN offers you a tailored way to access a diverse community, unique experiences and rare finds. Technology is a key enabler, with NFTs and blockchain used every step of the way to manage memberships, authenticate wines and experiences, manage commerce, and commemorate and share every step.  The goal is to create authentic wine experiences reflecting the full diversity of the wine world. Our platform is built by and for winemakers and enthusiasts, and will dedicate intentional effort to bettering the broader ecosystem of wine in a sustainable way.

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2022 Roadmap

Stay tuned for exciting releases


Discord, Twitter & other channels

Public forums

Membership website & private Discord launch

Private Launch

Tasting event at ETH Denver

ETH Denver

New York: Pop-up experience at La Paulée for founding members

Members experience at La Paulée

Co-hosted with Rarible - exclusive members-only wine tasting and Tasting Token minting at the Thompson Hollywood

Wine tasting at NFT Los Angeles

Club dVIN private offering. By invitation only

Private Waitlist Offering

We’re taking the best blockchain conference and Crypto event in Europe to another level with an exclusive, members-only tasting experience at Macéo Restaurant

Paris Blockchain Week
April 20

For one night only - we’re hosting at the iconic Slagerij de Beurs. If you ever thought blockchain and fine wine isn't a good pairing - think again

Devconnect Amsterdam

Bordeaux en Primeur - an evening of rare wine and NFTs with Bordeaux specialist and renowned wine writer Jane Anson. Need we say more?

Members experience at Place de Bordeaux
May 14

SOLD OUT - Robert Parker offers the most expensive single bottle of wine ever to be sold - a 27 liter goliath of 2003 ‘Sine Qua Non’ in aid of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital during what may just go down as the greatest wine dinner in history

Robert Parker / St. Judes / Sine Qua Non event

Rare wine tasting experience during the world’s No. 1 international wine  exhibition. Ssh, don’t tell

ProWein Düsseldorf

Join us for a night of London’s finest with our wine tasting event at one of its most exclusive private clubs

Members experience at London Wine Fair

Bordeaux celebrates what it does best with this iconic, vintage festival. And we’re trading exclusive experiences for a legacy of memories

Members experience at Bordeaux Wine Week

3,900 tokens

Public Membership NFT Sale

There’s so much more in store for our members, from exclusive wine tastings to unrivaled gastronomic experiences! Watch this space

Quarterly Exclusive wine experiences

In April 2019, Michael Juergens planted the first vineyards in the Kingdom of Bhutan. Global Insider members only exclusive - a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to participate in the inaugural harvest at the vineyards of Bhutan

Himalayan Harvest Event for Global Insiders
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