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“Club dVIN's lifetime-membership NFT, which itself can be traded, gives you the chance to join such adventures as the first harvest of grapes... plus exclusive access to private tastings and parties with top winemakers.”
“Like other expensive wine clubs, hard-to-obtain wines will be offered, direct from wineries. What’s different is that each bottle will be linked with a Digital Cork NFT on the blockchain, so you can track the chain of custody; when opened, Tasting Tokens will be minted to include not just wine information but also offer a way to record your tasting notes and create a journal.”
“The club's 100 founding members include top winemakers and Masters of Wine who are as passionate about wine as they are being on the forefront of the industry's future. Those who hold an NFT will get exclusive access to curated wine and fine dining experiences around the world, as well as tastings with experts and winemakers, rare collections and much more. ”
"Club dVIN, a decentralized wine club, is preparing to launch a membership NFT collection that will grant holders a slew of exclusive perks like access to a premium wine community, wine tasting events with the finest winemakers, and exclusive NFT drops by expert winemakers.”

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