Wine x Web3

with Rajat Parr, Sashi Moorman and Behdad Shavasari
March 17, 2022
10am PT | 5pm GMT

Join our co-founder Behdad Shahsavari and two leading figures on the global wine scene — Rajat Parr and Sashi Moorman —, as they discuss all things Club dVin, NFTs, and wine. They will shed some light on the club's benefits, will present our Wine x Web3 roadmap, talk about the launch, and will explain why NFTs and collectible wine are a perfect match.  

The event will feature a live Q&A for any of your questions about membership, benefits, or upcoming events. For Whitelist members only.

Hosted by
Rajat Parr
Iconic author, winemaker and partner at the likes of Sandhi or Domaine de la Côte

A true icon of the wine industry, Rajat Parr is one of the world’s foremost experts on wine. He rose to international stardom after his tenure at San Francisco's institutions like Rubicon and Fifth Floor, but more recently, his prestige as an industry-shifting wine director has been eclipsed by his renown as a wine writer and winemaker. He is partner/proprietor in Sandhi and Domaine de la Côte in Santa Barbara, Evening Land in the Willamette and a force of nature behind the regenerative farming project Phelan Farm in Cambria.

Sashi Moorman
Winemaker & vintner at Domaine de la Cote, Sandhi, Evening Land, Piedrasassi, Provignage

Sashi Moorman is one of California's brightest wine talents and the founder of three stellar projects on its cool Central Coast: Sandhi Wines and Domaîne de la Côte, both collaborations with Rajat Parr, and Piedrasassi - Moorman's family project. He is also the founder of Provignage - a winemaking consulting and human resource company to the wine industry.

Behdad Shahsavari
Club dVIN Co-Founder, BCG DV led team that built blockchains for diamond authentication and sustainable agriculture

Club dVIN co-founder Behdad Shahsavari is an innate business builder, bringing over 25 years of expertise in wine, venture capital, start-ups and managements. He is a partner in several VC firms including Antler, a global foundry and incubator; a board member and an advisor. With his diverse track record in wine and venture capital, Shahsavari leads Club dVIN's product, tech and business development.

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