Wine, NFTs & Social Media

with John Jackson & David Garrett
April 25, 2022

Join us for another Club dVIN Founder's Talk. This time we’ll be speaking with a social media strategist, a high-profile litigation attorney, and an avid wine collector John Jackson a.k.a the Attorney Somm. We'll discuss all things Club dVin and the impact of social media in the wine industry.

Hosted by
John Jackson
An expert attorney and an avid wine collector known as @AttorneySomm

A social media strategist, an experienced patent litigation attorney and an avid wine collector with an active presence on Instagram and Youtube: this is one of our founding members John Jackson, known to the rest of the wine world as @AttorneySomm.

David Garrett
Club dVIN Co-Founder, Co-founder Vines of Mendoza & Enocap

A passion-driven community builder, David Garrett is Club dVIN co-founder with an impressive track record in a number of tech, wine and finance ventures like the groundbreaking The Vines of Mendoza project or a digital wine list and database Entaste. He is focused on leading Club dVIN’s community efforts, fostering meaningful connections among the ever-growing community of wine enthusiasts.

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