Embark on a profound journey to the holistic Hiyu Wine Farm

with Raj Parr
California, Oregon

Join us on a profound journey to Hiyu Wine Farm in an idyllic enclave in Oregon’s Hood River Valley with the iconic author and winemaker Raj Parr.Founded by Master Sommelier Nate Ready, and his partner China Tresemer, Hiyu Wine Farm is renowned for its holistic approach, innovative way of farming and some real winemaking wizardry.

Hosted by
Rajat Parr
Iconic author, winemaker and partner at the likes of Sandhi or Domaine de la Côte

A true icon of the wine industry, Rajat Parr is one of the world’s foremost experts on wine. He rose to international stardom after his tenure at San Francisco's institutions like Rubicon and Fifth Floor, but more recently, his prestige as an industry-shifting wine director has been eclipsed by his renown as a wine writer and winemaker. He is partner/proprietor in Sandhi and Domaine de la Côte in Santa Barbara, Evening Land in the Willamette and a force of nature behind the regenerative farming project Phelan Farm in Cambria.

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