Meet your new Wine-Life Coach: Dan Petroski

California, Napa Valley
California, Napa Valley

Do you want to change your life and become a winemaker? Celebrated Napa winemaker Dan Petroski will become your personal concierge, friend and mentor for a day, guiding you through wine's economics and everyday reality.

Disruptor by nature, Petroski transitioned from a stellar career at Times Inc. to being a full-time Napa-based winemaker. He is the founder and owner of the renowned Massican wine brand and head of winemaking at the historic Larkmead Vineyards.

Hosted by
Dan Petroski
Founder of Massican Winery

Napa's iconoclastic winemaker Dan Petroski (@danpetroski) is the founder and owner of the revered @massicanwinery and a thought-leader in the intersection of wine & NFTs. A disruptor by nature, he started the project with no formal winemaking background and learned with his boots on the ground.

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