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The kingdom of Bhutan is not only one of the happiest places on Earth, it's also one of the most well-preserved, least-spoiled ecosystems on the planet.

Club dVIN members are now exclusively invited to embark on a fantastical journey to this beautiful, remote land to take part in the country’s first wine grape harvest. And it’s all thanks to one of our founding members Michael Juergens - a Master of Wine candidate and founder of the Bhutan Wine Company - for his vision and work building up the first vineyards to ever be planted in one of the most pristine terroirs in the world.

This is, without a doubt, one of the rarest wine experiences in history.

It's not for everyone.

This is a trip for adventurers who are willing to take on the high altitude of the Himalayas. The excursion will be filled with incredible experiences, from snipping grapes in the vineyards to visiting monasteries, speaking with scientists, crossing Bhutan’s longest suspension bridge, and even river rafting through the rapids of the Mo Chhu River. Plus, the Club dVIN members who are selected to go on this trip will also have the opportunity to work in various facets on breaking ground at the new Ser Kem Winery, the first in the Kingdom of Bhutan.

Much of what’s on offer has taken months of painstaking negotiation to arrange. This is a fragile part of the world, and it’s not suitable for large groups. For that reason, only a select few will be able to partake.  Small groups of fifteen to twenty people will get a chance to come, staying for a week or longer.

You’ll also have to work.

You'll need to be reasonably fit (and especially adventurous) to participate. And make no mistake, we will be putting you to work for a time. Those grapes don't harvest themselves.

For those who embrace challenge, this will be the trip of a lifetime; a trip no one has ever taken before, and one that can never be repeated in quite the same way.

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Your Himalayan Harvest includes:
Airfare from Bangkok

A non-stop three-hour flight from Bangkok to the historic town of Paro in Bhutan is the fastest way to reach the Himalayan country. Please note that there are only two weekly flights to and from Bhutan, so all participants must arrive in Bangkok before 6 am on the day of the flight. 

An overnight stay at Bangkok airport

Club dVIN will cover the cost of a 24hr Novotel hotel room in the Bangkok airport to ensure that you have a comfortable rest before the morning flight to Bhutan.

Accommodation and meals in Bhutan

Participants will be staying in contemporary boutique hotels and unique heritage lodges. ‘Hospitality’ takes on a new meaning in the Kingdom of Happiness.

Select activities

From river rafting down the beautiful Mo Chhu River and a hike to the famed monastery to lunch with a former UN Ambassador and meditation with monks. When not busy picking or crushing grapes, participants will participate in genuinely memorable experiences that our team has put together.

World-class wines during the visit and daily tourism visas in Bhutan

A container of wines from France, Italy and Spain is coming with us on this adventure. Expect some of the finest bottlings to share with the rest of the participants.

Local transportation in Bhutan

Local transportation between destinations and to/from included activities is included.

Not included

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